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Manufacturing and assembly process

Gamesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wind turbines, and Spain’s leader in wind turbine manufacture, sales and installation. We have achieved a level of vertical integration unique in their sector, including one of the widest ranges of industrial capacity.

Gamesa designs and manufactures its own blades, root joints, and manufacturing moulds for blades and towers, in addition to performing wind turbine blades manufacturing process. In addition, Gamesa has other companies that manufacture other major components of the wind turbine, such as gearboxes, generators and converters. This industrial capacity allows for the comprehensive control of the production process of the wind turbines, from their design to the manufacturing of the different components, in order to provide the greatest quality and to cut delivery times to a minimum.


1. Frame assembly

1. Frame assembly

Once the yaw system is assembled with its yaw motors, column and hydraulic group and the rotational test is passed, this assembly is connected to the rear frame. Next, the rail beams and the service crane are installed, and cables are run to the control cabinet.

2. Gearbox assembly

The nacelle assembly is placed within the lower housing, and the power transformer and the main shaft/gearbox subset are assembled. gearbox subset Front frame.

3. Generator assembly
Generator assembly

The process continues with the generator assembly and alignment and the electrical connection of all the components in the control cabinet. Once connected, the nacelle is given a comprehensive final verification check, simulating its wind farm operation.

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